Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

Robert Arkley Robert Arkley

Robert Arkley

Managing Director

As managing director, and a fifth generation Arkley, I'm known for never being far away from Kingsfield on a day-to-day basis.

I'm very hands on in the business and you'll often find me greeting customers at the reception desk or cutting the grass. When I'm not at Kingsfield (which isn't very often!), I'm usually catching up on the rugby or football.

Watching the business grow from a family farm to the tourist attraction it is today has definitely been the highlight of my career so far.

I am

A positive person
Someone who likes a decent chit-chat
Great with customers

Random facts about me

I don't actually play golf!
I once caddied for European Tour golfer, Stephen Gallacher, in a Pro-Am

What I can't function without at work


My Guilty Pleasure

The X Factor 

Kieran Cooney Kieran Cooney

Kieran Cooney

General Manager

Having joined the Kingsfield 'family' in 2013, I'm known for my love of cars and animals.

When I'm not behind the reception desk answering calls, scheduling lessons, booking tee times, and dealing with event enquiries, you can find me in the Tee Caddy assisting Jane.

I've been lucky to meet a host of professional golfers, not to mention other sports personalities, during my time at Kingsfield but the highlight has to be being made to feel like part of the Arkley family.

I am

A massive golf fan (quite handy given my line of work)
Easy going

Random facts about me

I have a Scottie dog called Rory
I own more shoes than the average female

What I can't function without at work

My phone

My Guilty Pleasure

Cleaning my car (there's nothing worse than a dirty car!) 

Ronnie Bamberry Ronnie Bamberry

Ronnie Bamberry

Events Co-ordinator

I'm probably one of the longest-serving members of the team and it's my job to provide a warm welcome to visiting groups.

If you're organising an event at Kingsfield, I'm the first person you'll meet. Within the team I'm known for my knack of remembering client names and when I'm not prepping the trailers for upcoming shoots, or organising the equipment for our customised clan games, you'll find me behind the scenes assisting clients and event organisers to help them turn their ideas into a memorable event.

Having been at Kingsfield since 2003 I've worked on hundreds of events but the career highlight has to be when we were contracted by Bentley cars to take our Kingsfield Clays to the Isle of man for a two-week event.

I am

A good communicator
Creative and enjoy the challenge of customising our events for different clients

Random facts about me

I like to promote the Fabulous Golfers Steak Experience package - fabulous golf at Kingsfield combined with fabulous dining at The Champany Inn.

What I can't function without at work

My Kingsfield colleagues

My Guilty Pleasure

A wee Guinness (or five!)

Jane Allan Jane Allan

Jane Allan

Coffee Shop Manager

You know that tagline "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"? That's our motto in the Tee Caddy!

I own and operate Kingsfield's on-site coffee shop which is, for many visitors, their First and Last. When I'm not providing food-fuel for the customers before they step onto the green, I'm offering hot cuppas for them to drown their handicap-horror stories. After all that you'll find me planning the menu and tidying up.

Along with Robert, my brother, I'm a fifth generation Arkley and have enjoyed watching Kingsfield diversify over the years, as well as raising my own family here. I've met a lot of lovely people and have gained a big sister in Jane Connachan.

I am

Always welcoming
Customer orientated
A soup guru
Kingsfield's resident agony aunt!

Random facts about me

I make an awesome pot of soup
I have the patience of a Saint
I have an enormous family of 50 sheep, four [crazy] children, four ducks, four hens, three miniature Shetland ponies, two dogs, two horses, and one husband

What I can't function without at work

The dishwasher

My Guilty Pleasure

Large glass of Rose wine with ice

Lee Fraser Lee Fraser

Lee Fraser

Head Greenkeeper

Having joined the Kingsfield team in 2009, I'm known for working long hours as well as my ability to fix and build just about anything.

When I'm not maintaining the golf course and facilities or cutting & manicuring the Fairway, you'll find me ordering materials and fixing machinery.

Kingsfield is the epitome of friendliness and as such is a great place to work (and play). I've had the good fortune to come to my work and meet pros such as Stephen Gallacher, Mel Reid, Jane Connachan, Richie Ramsay, and Peter Wright (to name a few!).

I am

A stickler for time management
Passionate about my work and Kingsfield

Random facts about me

In my spare time I go free climbing
I love getting away in my VW campervan
Renovating houses is a passion of mine

What I can't function without at work

Jane's Tee Caddy cakes, and my mobile phone

My Guilty Pleasure

Chocolate (large quantities of)

Stuart Johnson Stuart Johnson

Stuart Johnson

Target Golf Co-ordinator

I joined the Kingsfield team in May 2015 and whilst my official job title may be co-ordinator I answer to many names - Target Golf Supremo, Mr Simulator, or King of the Sim!

When I'm not keeping customers happy or working with teams at target golf, you'll find me tidying up in the kitchen.

Kingsfield is a great place to both work and play. The highlight for me has to be our annual fundraiser, Katie's Cup. Like everyone else, I enjoy getting to work with the pros and meet other sporting heroes who grace our green - Stephen Gallacher, Ritchie Ramsay, some of the Hearts FC players, and Neil Lennon.

I am

Good with my hands
Tidy and organised

Random facts about me

I have a 1 handicap at golf
I am a dad to twins

What I can't function without at work

Empire biscuits

My Guilty Pleasure

Made in Chelsea

David Sneddon David Sneddon

David Sneddon


I joined the team of greenkeepers in June 2014 and I've never been late for work once (I hate being late) and I have a reputation for overindulging in golf.

When I'm not helping with everything-and-anything related to the course then you'll more than likely find me playing the course (I did tell you...!).

At Kingsfield I get to do jobs that I enjoy, and I've made some great friends along the way as well as met some top golfers such as Steven Gallacher, Ritchie Ramsay and Ross Kellet.

I am

A hard worker
Eager to learn
A team player
Determined to try new things despite my disability

Random facts about me

I'm ex-military
I was shot on duty in Afghanistan and my leg had to be amputated; it's never held me back

What I can't function without at work

Chocolate biscuits

My Guilty Pleasure

The Discovery Channel

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