Looking for a way to improve your golf game, even when the weather outside isn’t cooperating? Look no further than the Stephen Gallacher Centre at Kingsfield! Equipped with two state-of-the-art golf simulators, this unique indoor facility offers everything you need to practice and play your best, regardless of the weather or time of year. Whether you want to work on your swing using the latest Trackman technology or just enjoy a round of virtual golf with friends, the Stephen Gallacher Centre at Kingsfield has everything you need for an incredible indoor golf experience. So why wait? Come on in and see what the great indoors can do for your game today!

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PuttView transforms any putting green into an interactive learning environment. It lets players and coaches create any putting scenario indoors to see real results out on the course. Puttview instantly calculates any putt, projects it directly onto the green and tracks your performance in real-time to provide actionable feedback.

See where you have to aim and focus on starting the ball on your intended line. If you get the speed right, the impact of break takes care of the rest and the ball will follow the ideal line. Perfect for improving your ability to control line and speed! PuttView uses leading Augmented Reality technologies to bring joyful improvement to players of any ability.

Simulator Prices